101 Tech Companies Raised $7.8B Last Week

Recently-funded tech startups: 10/23 - 10/29. The report includes company data, funding amounts, and more.

a month ago   •   1 min read

By Peter Foy

Welcome to another edition of MLQ VC: Recently-Funded Startups report.

💎 Startups to Watch this Week

Here are a few of our favorite startups to watch this week:

Klu.ai - Raised a $1.7M Pre-Seed Round

  • What they do: Klu provides an advanced data engine for scaling generative AI, comparing models in real-world deployment and improving features with optimization techniques, enabling clients to help develop their GPT apps.
  • Industries: PaaS, SaaS, Artificial Intelligence
  • Location: San Francisco, California

Twelve Labs - Raised a $1.7M Pre-Seed Round

  • What they do: Twelve Labs offers a database that uses computer vision for retailers and brands to collect real insights about customers, enabling clients to capture customers' behaviors to improve their revenues.
  • Industries: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  • Location: San Francisco, California

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