106 Tech Companies Raised $2.5B Last Week

Recently-funded tech startups: 10/30 - 11/05. The report includes company data, funding amounts, and more.

a month ago   •   1 min read

By Peter Foy

Welcome to another edition of MLQ VC: Recently-Funded Startups report.

💎 Startups to Watch this Week

Here are a few of our favorite startups to watch this week:

Shield AI - Raised a $200M Series F Round

  • What they do: Shield AI use machines to execute complex, unscripted tasks in denied and dynamic environments without direct operator inputs and offer an integrated AI framework for data management and analysis. It also provides scalable simulation, and self-directed learning which radically accelerates product development workflows, resolving critical information deficiencies, enabling teams of aircraft to perform missions ranging from room clearance to penetrating air defense systems, and dog fighting.
  • Industries: Autonomous Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Drones, National Security
  • Location: San Diego, California

Nu Quantum - Raised a $8.5M Seed Round

  • What they do: Nu Quantum is essential to scaling quantum computers, by interconnecting quantum computing cores into large distributed clusters and is creating full hardware solutions to create entangled qubit networks, enabling clients to secure the exchange of cryptographic keys for the ultra-sensitive detection of light.
  • Industries: Network Security, Quantum Computing, Hardware
  • Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

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