113 Tech Companies Raised $5.2B Last Week

Recently-funded tech startups: 10/09 - 10/15. The report includes company data, funding amounts, and more.

a month ago   •   1 min read

By Peter Foy

Welcome to another edition of MLQ VC: Recently-Funded Startups report.

💎 Startups to Watch this Week

Here are a few of our favorite startups to watch this week:

Neura Robotics - Raised a $16M Venture Round

  • What they do: Neura Robotics robotic assistants cooperate with humans in a natural way and adapt autonomously to changes in the environment while performing a task, enabling companies from medicine technologies, home automation, and food production to accelerate production processes.
  • Industries: Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Automation, Robotics
  • Location: Metzingen, Germany

Aindo - Raised a $6.3M Series A

  • What they do: Aindo generates synthetic data by taking a tabular dataset as input and trains an ML generative model to recognize and reproduce its underlying structure that exhibits all the patterns of an original corporate data set, enabling clients to open up possibilities for secure and in-depth data analysis.
  • Industries: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  • Location: Trieste, Italy

K2 Space - Raised a $7M Seed Round

  • What they do: K2 Space specializes in satellite buses for spacecraft that provide power and movement, enabling spacecraft manufacturers to leverage new large rockets.
  • Industries: Aerospace, Space Travel
  • Location: West Hollywood, California

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