1500+ Recently Funded AI Startups

Discover & connect with AI startups. This list feature 1500+ AI startups that have recently raised venture capital funding and are looking to scale.

2 months ago   •   2 min read

By Peter Foy
Discover & connect with recently funded AI startups.

At MLQ, we've been tracking every major VC investment deal for the past 2+ years.

Now, you can access our full database of 1500+ recently funded AI startups in a convenient Airtable format that can be exported and integrated into your existing sales, marketing, or data analysis software.

Updated weekly, the dataset provides you with 1500+ AI startups that have recently raised venture capital funding and are looking to scale.

Whether you're an agency looking to work with startups that have just raised millions, want to land a job at a well-funded AI startup, or are looking to invest in early-stage AI startups, this will be your go-to resource.

What's inside?

From company details, funding data, to specialized data like tech stack, we provide a comprehensive view into AI startups.

The dataset includes the following fields for each startup:

Company Details

  • Company Name
  • Description
  • Website
  • Location
  • Industries

Funding Details

  • Funding Date
  • Funding Amount
  • Funding Type

Team & Talent

  • Employee Count
  • Founder & CEO Name

Tech Stack

  • Tech Stack

Contact & Social Media

  • Company Email
  • LinkedIn & Twitter
  • And more

Who is this for?

For Sales & Marketing Teams

If your business offers services or products tailored for the AI industry, then MLQ AI Startups is an indispensable asset. These startups have recently raised capital, are in growth mode, and are on the lookout for services and tools that can help them scale efficiently.

For Hiring & Talent Acquisition

With detailed information on employee count and company LinkedIn, you'll know exactly which startups are in your target size range and can approach them for talent partnerships.

For Early-Stage Investors

Sourcing high-quality deal flow in the AI space just got easier. MLQ AI Startups is a robust tool that helps you streamline your investment discovery process. Find startups that align with your investment thesis and get ahead of the competition.

How to access the data?

The data is hosted on a user-friendly Airtable, allowing for easy navigation and sorting. Export options are also available for .csv format, making it simple to integrate with your existing CRM or data analysis tools.


MLQ AI Startups is available for all members of MLQ premium, which a monthly subscription fee of $99 or $950 annually. Along with the 1500+ startups, the subscription also includes all our premium educational content at MLQ Academy.

Ready to dive in?

We’re a team of machine learning engineers, quantitative analysts, and quantum computing enthusiasts, committed to keeping you up-to-date with the fastest-growing AI startups.

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