Celestial AI

Neuromorphic photonic AI computing solution.
Celestial AI
Celestial AI develops a neuromorphic photonic AI computing solution.

Celestial AI develops AI computing platforms that elevate performance, energy, and economic efficiencies, enabling customers to rapidly deploy innovations in their AI applications .

The company has developed a transformational optical connectivity capability that delivers step-change advancements in both performance and energy efficiency of high-performance computing, unlocking the potential of generative AI and other complex workloads .

Core Products

Celestial AI’s core product is a neuromorphic photonic AI computing solution that serves deep learning and machine learning applications .

The company’s mission is to transform data-parallel computing with a proprietary photonic fabric technology platform that uses light for data movement both within the chip and between chips .

Funding Details

Celestial AI has raised a total of $103.5 million in funding over 3 rounds.

  • Their latest funding was a $100M Series B round raised in June, 2023, led by IAG Capital Partners, Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT), and Temasek’s Xora Innovation fund .


Celestial AI was founded by Dr. Yunsup Lee, who is also the co-founder of SiFive, and Dr. Andrew Kahng, who is also a professor at UC San Diego.

Celestial AI

Neuromorphic photonic AI computing solution.

Celestial AI

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