Genesis Therapeutics

AI-powered drug discovery platform.
Genesis Therapeutics
AI-Powered Drug Discovery

Genesis Therapeutics is a biotech company that leverages artificial intelligence to accelerate the discovery of novel drugs for patients suffering from severe disorders. 

The company’s molecular AI platform combines deep learning with biophysical simulation to generate novel drug candidates.


Core Products

Genesis Therapeutics’ core product is its molecular AI platform, which is designed to unlock novel protein targets, explore untapped chemical space, and accelerate the development of critical new medicines. 

The platform uses 3D spatial graph modeling and cutting-edge molecular simulation to generate novel drug candidates.

Funding Details

  • 💸 Genesis Therapeutics closed a $200 million Series B funding round in August 2023
  • 📊 The financing comprised of both new and returning investors with notable contributions from a U.S-based life-science-focused investor, Fidelity Management & Research Company, BlackRock, and NVIDIA's venture capital arm NVentures.
  • 🔬 The raised capital will be used to help Genesis evolve into a clinical stage company, invest further in their AI platform and expand their discovery pipeline.
  • 🔍 Genesis has raised over $280 million in capital to date, and previously partnered with Genentech and Eli Lilly.


The company was founded by Evan Feinberg, Ph.D., who serves as the CEO of Genesis Therapeutics. Dr. Feinberg is a former postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University and has extensive experience in the field of computational biophysics.

Genesis Therapeutics

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