Bard is a conversational generative AI chatbot developed by Google.

In this AI tools guide, we'll provide an evaluation of Bard—Google's response to OpenAI's viral ChatGPT. We'll review it's key capabilities, competitors, and more.

Bard by Google

Bard is a conversational generative AI chatbot developed by Google.

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About Bard

As Bard describes itself:

...your creative and helpful collaborator. I have limitations and won’t always get it right, but your feedback will help me improve.

Released in March 2023 in limited capacity, Bard is Google's AI assistant that has quickly taken it's place amongst the top LLM-driven chat interfaces.

Although not immediately received very well with a number of public embarrassments, such as the time it provided inaccurate information during a Google promotional event and plunged the stock price by over $100b...

After this mistake, Google's parent company Alphabet saw a 9% decline in share price, or over $100b in value. During the event, the bot mistakenly said it was the James Webb Space Telescope that took the first photos of an exoplanet.  The issue was that, as NASA confirmed, the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope (VLT) was the first to take these photos in 2004. Despite the early missteps, the public release Bard in March 2023 was receive very well and is now undoubtedly a major competitor to ChatGPT.

What is Bard?

As Google writes, Bard is a generative AI chatbot that was developed using the LaMDA and later the PaLM large language models (LLM), designed to engage in conversational interaction with users.

Bard seeks to combine the breadth of the world’s knowledge with the power, intelligence and creativity of our large language models. It draws on information from the web to provide fresh, high-quality responses.

Similar to ChatGPT, Bard is a highly versatile AI assistant that can provide answers to (somewhat) complex questions, generate code, and much more. Bard also provides a user-friendly conversational format and can engage in follow-up questions, admit errors, and so on.

Capabilities of Bard

Bard's capacity to generate content, information, and interactivity is undeniably useful for many tasks. It can be an invaluable assistant in a wide range of use cases, including programming, content creation, and creative writing, thereby positioning itself as much more than just an AI chat program.

Its strength comes from its knowledge that is continually updated through real-time access to the web via Google Search, enabling a broad learning spectrum and the production of quality content in different fields of expertise.

Bard vs. ChatGPT

Bard, with its access to Google Search, can provide real-time information, an advantage over ChatGPT's knowledge cutoff date. However, it has its share of limitations, such as inconsistent responses and occasional biases. The comparison between the two models varies based on the tasks at hand, as they both offer unique capabilities and have different areas of strength.

Bard Pricing

Bard is not available for purchase and it is free to use for now, as it is still in the beta testing phase. Consumers can expect an announcement about pricing as Bard advances further in its development.

Bard Competitors

ChatGPT from OpenAI and LLaMA from Meta are key competitors of Bard in the AI chatbot space. Also, Microsoft's integration of ChatGPT into Bing Chat indicates a significant trend in the market. As the AI industry expands, more competitors, both large and small, are expected to enter the market.

Summary: Bard Review

Bard offers a unique set of features that continue to evolve and improve. With it's access to near up-to-date information, Bard can become an extremely helpful AI assistant tool for research, writing, coding, and more. Despite some limitations, Bard’s real-time information access, versatile applications, and potential for future improvements make it a promising player in the world of AI chatbots.


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