Chroma is an AI-native open-source embedding database.
The AI-native open-source embedding database.

Chroma: Open-Source Embedding Database

Chroma is an open source AI-native embedding database built for AI and LLM-enabled applications. It's quite simple to use and comes with integrations that plug into LangChain, LlamaIndex, OpenAI, and others.


The AI-native open-source embedding database.

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Key Features

  1. Simplicity: Chroma offers an easy-to-understand API with only 4 core commands (see below for more details)
  2. Integrations: It can integrate seamlessly with different tools like LangChain, LlamaIndex, and OpenAI.
  3. JavaScript client: npm package that comes with typing support.
  4. Open source: Chroma is licensed under Apache 2.0, making it free to use and modify.

Core API Example

import chromadb
client = chromadb.Client()
collection = client.create_collection("sample_collection")
    documents=["document1", "document2"],
    metadatas=[{"source": "notion"}, {"source": "google-docs"}],
    ids=["doc1", "doc2"],
results = collection.query(query_texts=["This is a query document"], n_results=2)
GitHub - chroma-core/chroma: the AI-native open-source embedding database
the AI-native open-source embedding database. Contribute to chroma-core/chroma development by creating an account on GitHub.

Product Roadmap

  • Chroma is focused on building a database that learns.
  • Plans to offer hosted Chroma in Q3 2023.
  • Various new features are under development like automatic clustering, query relevancy, and more.

Funding and Growth

  • Raised an $18M seed round led by notable angel investors like Naval Ravikant, Max and Jack Altmam, and others.
  • Crossed 35k Python downloads in the past month since its launch.

Summary: Chroma

If you're building LLM-enabled apps, having the right vector database is essential for managing your embeddings. Chroma is a powerful open source tool that can handle your embeddings and integrates with existing AI technologies. With its 18m in seed funding, product roadmap, and growing popularity, Chroma is positioning itself as a vital component in the AI development ecosystem.


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