Building AI systems that can reason.

Imbue is an independent research lab that trains foundational models to develop AI agents that can reason & code. The company’s AI models are optimized to perform well on its internal benchmarks for reasoning. Imbue’s goal is to enable anyone to build custom AI agents.

Core Products

Imbue’s core product is its AI agent development platform. The platform allows users to train and deploy custom AI agents that can reason & code. Imbue’s AI models are optimized for reasoning and are designed to perform well on the company’s internal benchmarks.

Funding Details

Imbue has raised a total of $220 million in funding.

  • The company’s most recent funding round was a Series B round, which raised $200 million
  • Investors in Imbue include Astera Institute, Nvidia, Simon Last, and Kyle Vogt.


Imbue was founded in 2021 by Josh Albrecht and Kanjun Qiu.


Building AI systems that can reason.

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