LOVO is an AI voice generator.
Transform your content with high-quality, AI generated voiceovers. Lovo's AI text-to-speech solution offers natural, professional voices in 100 languages.

LOVO AI Voice Generator

LOVO is an AI voice generator that offers the ability to convert text to speech across 500+ voices in over 100 languages.

Key Features

  • Genny: A comprehensive AI voice generator tool designed to create compelling videos. Genny offers a range of integrated AI features, including script creation, images, voice over, and translation capabilities.
  • Cost and Time Saving: The AI voice generator aims to reduce expenses and time traditionally spent on voiceovers.
  • Royalty-free Images: Genny offers a library of images for use in video creation.
  • Quick Script Writing: The tool can expedite the process of drafting scripts.

AI Voice Use Cases

  • Audiobooks
  • Education
  • Advertisements
  • Explainers
  • YouTube content
  • Corporate Training
  • Podcasts
  • Social Media content
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Customer Service (IVR)

Special Features

  • Instant Voice Cloning: Unique to LOVO, Genny can replicate a voice from just 10 seconds of an audio sample.
  • API for Developers: LOVO provides an API, making it easier for developers to integrate the platform's capabilities into various applications.

LOVO Pricing:

  • Free: $0 (20 mins voice generation, 5 voice cloning, 1GB storage)
  • Basic: $19/month (2 hrs voice generation, 500+ AI voices, 30GB storage)
  • Pro: $24/month (5 hrs voice generation, unlimited cloning, 100GB storage)
  • Pro+: $75/month (20 hrs voice generation, 400GB storage)
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing (includes everything in Pro with added enterprise features).


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