AI development platform & inference engine.
AI development platform & inference engine.

Modular is an AI developer & infrastructure platform that unifies the development and deployment of AI for everyone. 

Modular is an integrated, composable suite of tools that simplifies your AI infrastructure so your team can develop, deploy, and innovate faster.

Core Products

Modular’s core product, Engine, is a unified AI inference engine that helps get models into production faster by unifying frameworks and hardware across servers and edge devices. 

  • Engine is the world’s fastest unified AI inference engine that can simplify your workflow and reduce your inference latency so you can scale your AI product.
  • It incorporates best-in-class compiler and runtime technologies to create a powerful and efficient inference engine. 
  • Engine is capable of both machine learning and advanced signal processing, with optimized tiles that enhance ML-focused applications.

Mojo Programming Language

Modular also released Mojo is a new programming language that aims to bridge the gap between research and production by combining the best of Python syntax with systems programming and metaprogramming 1. It is designed to become a superset of Python over time. 

With Mojo, you can write portable code that’s faster than C and seamlessly inter-op with the Python ecosystem. 

Mojo is still young, but it has already shown promise in unlocking unparalleled programmability of AI hardware and extensibility of AI models

Funding Details

Modular has raised a total of $130 million in funding till date.

In August 2023, Modular closed its last funding round on Aug 24, 2023 from a Series B round, raising $100 million.


Modular was founded by Chris Lattner and Tim Davis.

  • Chris Lattner is a well-known software engineer who has worked at Apple and Tesla. He is also the creator of LLVM, a collection of modular and reusable compiler and toolchain technologies. 
  • Tim Davis is a former Google engineer who worked on TensorFlow, an open-source machine learning framework.


AI development platform & inference engine.

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