Pinecone is a vector database designed to build high-performance vector search applications.

Pinecone is a fully managed, developer-friendly vector database designed to build high-performance vector search applications. It enables developers to manage and search through vector embeddings, powering applications like semantic search, recommenders, and others that rely on relevant information retrieval. Pinecone provides scalability without the need for infrastructure hassles.

Pinecone Key Features

  • High-performance Vector Search: Pinecone offers ultra-low query latency even when dealing with billions of items. It facilitates semantic search, product search, multimodal search, and question-answering.
  • Real-Time Indexing: Pinecone provides live index updates when data is added, edited, or deleted. This ensures that your data is always fresh and ready for use.
  • Filtered Search: With Pinecone, you can combine vector search with metadata filters for faster and more relevant results.
  • Generation: Applications like chatbots, text generation, and image generation can be powered using Pinecone.
  • Security Applications: Pinecone supports various security applications such as anomaly detection, fraud detection, bot/threat detection, and identity verification.
  • Data Management: Pinecone allows efficient data management by providing features for pattern matching, deduplication, grouping, and tagging.
  • Analytics & Machine Learning: Data labelling, model training, molecular search, generative AI, and more can be achieved using Pinecone.
  • Personalization: Pinecone supports personalization features such as recommendations, feed ranking, ad targeting, and candidate selection.
  • Scalability: Scale from zero to billions of items with no downtime and minimal latency impact.
  • Pay for What You Use: Start free and then pay only for what you use with usage-based pricing.
  • Security: Pinecone is SOC 2 Type II certified, GDPR-ready, and built to ensure data security.
  • Integration: Pinecone integrates with other AI tools like Hugging Face, LangChain, and GPT Index for supercharging your AI stack.

Pinecone Pricing

Pinecone offers several pricing plans:

  • Starter Plan (Free): Ideal for trying out and small applications. Limited to one index and one project. No credit card required.
  • Standard Plan (starting at $70/month): Suitable for production applications at any scale. The plan comes with multiple projects and users, access to a free Starter pod, and email support during business hours.
  • Enterprise Plan (starting at $104/month): Designed for mission-critical production applications. This plan includes everything in Standard, plus Prometheus metrics, multiple availability zones, single sign-on, and 24/7/365 dedicated support.
  • Enterprise Dedicated: For specific needs, a dedicated environment in your preferred region can be set up. Pricing details are available upon contact.


Pinecone is a vector database designed to build high-performance vector search applications.

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