Weaviate is an AI native vector database.

Weaviate is an open-source vector database designed to provide seamless scalability for billions of data objects and vector embeddings. By integrating with popular machine learning models, it delivers state-of-the-art vector, hybrid, and generative search capabilities.

Key Features

  1. Vector Search: Enables lightning-fast pure vector similarity search over raw vectors or data objects, even with filters.
  2. Hybrid Search: Combines traditional keyword-based search with vector search techniques for unparalleled results.
  3. Generative Search: Utilizes generative models like GPT-3 to create next-gen search experiences through Q&A over your dataset.

Integration & Modules

Weaviate comes with out-of-the-box support for vectorization, allowing easy integration with well-known neural search frameworks.

Cloud Services

Offering fully managed services, Weaviate Cloud caters to varying needs with SaaS, Hybrid SaaS, and different pricing tiers, starting at $0.05 per 1 million vector dimensions.

Weaviate Pricing

Weaviate's pricing is designed around vector dimensions stored and queried. It offers different plans like Standard, Enterprise, Business Critical, and a free Sandbox option. Customized pricing can be calculated based on requirements.

Summary: Weaviate

Weaviate offers a cutting-edge vector database for developers & businesses. Its open-source nature, coupled with robust features and a variety of integration options, makes it a powerful tool for businesses and developers looking to harness the power of vector-based search and data management.


The AI Native Vector Database

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